Hack PDF

On the other day, I had been working on my annual chore administration PDF documents that consist of bunch of PDF files accumulated throughout the years. It was somewhat annoying to do some excruciating needless efforts to review each and every PDF file compare it, add notes, or just do regular auditing. It stumbled me that I am a backend developer coding frameworks and firmwares for users' devices but when it comes to my own administration paper, I would be like: 'I am cool with old fashion' [Bored_emoji]. Therefore, I decided to code a tool in python that does this clumsy painstaking job on my behalf without paying for PDF tools as I wanted to merge around 300 PDF pages from scattered PDF files into one single PDF file and extract images from all pages in a single click! And after I coded and debugged my script and built an executable app that works only with double click and selecting desired option. The result was quite fast 300 pages in less than 3 seconds and with extracted images. Aha! [Cool_emoji], I wanted to do some extra stress test to my M1Pro MacBook so I copied and duplicated my PDF files to reach around 5800 files and run the script which finished in 12 second with output of 16242 merged pages PDF file of 2.69GB.

The result was even way faster than paid PDF tools even with bugs. I ended up committing my code to Github repo and gave my tool a name 'HackPDF'. Cool name, ha! [Beer_emoji]. You can download the tool from GitHub repo's release from below link, feel free to report a bug in the repo so I can debug it, or maybe request a new feature you would like to add so I would code and publish it in the next release.

For now the tool has options to remove paswords from PDF files (requires old password), merge PDF files, and extract images from PDF files.

Happy annual PDF documents chore administration! I hope this is helpful [Happy_emoji].